Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I want to do with my life:

1) Change the world
2) fall in love (with someone who is willing to make it work)
3) explore the entirety of the United States


I have started getting really interested in the idea of community building, particularly within the Jewish community, and particularly how it relates to social change and effecting change. I'm interested in ways in which the Jewish community can be deepened and start acting on important local political issues as opposed to simply sticking with the israel issue or acting on global social justice issues (also important, but i'm a believer in think globally, act locally and change starts at home) I would love to make transforming the somewhat stagnant jewish community from within a part of my life. Although it is a potential for a career, i think this sort of work will stay as a part of my civic life.

I'm pretty sure I still want to go to law school. I think that i want to do social change law - by that i mean work on poverty law or housing law or immigration law and try to affect systemic legal change. not one of the more lucrative legal careers and i'll bet one of the more competitive, so we'll see.

its weird to have this kind of clarity.

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